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MeiYanQiong Teeth Whitening Brush Brightening Teeth Plaque Stains Removal Mint Extract

MeiYanQiong Teeth Whitening Brush Brightening Teeth Plaque Stains Removal Mint Extract

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Slogan: Brightening Teeth

Plaque Stains Removal

Net Wt: 0.17fl oz/5ml


Our Stain-Removing Whitening Pen is specially designed to address teeth discoloration caused by smoking, tea, or coffee stains. It effectively removes these stains, whitens yellow teeth, and eliminates plaque build-up. With just a gentle swipe, your teeth will regain their radiance, revealing a confident and bright smile.


Powerful Stain Removal: The teeth pen contains potent stain-removing ingredients such as peroxide, which effectively eliminates stubborn stains caused by smoking, tea, or coffee, restoring the natural brightness of your teeth.
Whitening Effect: Ingredients like glycerin and xylitol have whitening properties that help fade the yellow discoloration of teeth, restoring a bright and natural white shade, enhancing their aesthetic appeal.
Plaque Removal: The teeth pen's ingredients, including carbomer menthol and citric acid, effectively remove plaque from the tooth surface, maintaining oral cleanliness and reducing the risk of dental problems.


l. After brushing the teeth, wipe the surface of the teeth and remove the cap. Rotate the end of the pencil in a clockwise direction until the gel to the tip of the brush;
2. Use a brush to apply the dentifrice evenly to the upper and lower jaw surfaces. Apply a thickness of approximately 1 mm;
3. Stay for 10-20 minutes and rinse with clean water.
Recommended to continue using it for more than 1 week for better results.


If any discomfort, please stop using it.


Please store in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

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