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MeiYanQiong Lavender Nourishing Repair Foot Patch Clearing Damp Cold

MeiYanQiong Lavender Nourishing Repair Foot Patch Clearing Damp Cold

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Slogan: Nourishing Feet, Clearing Damp Cold, Repair Healthy

Net Wt: 10pcs/5pairs/box


Gentle Nourishment: Lavender Foot Patch contains mild and nourishing lavender essence that penetrates the skin of the feet, nourishing and providing essential nutrients. It helps repair damaged foot skin, leaving it soft and moisturized.
Soothing and Repairing: Lavender has soothing and repairing properties that alleviate discomfort caused by fatigue and stress. It calms the muscles of the feet, promotes foot repair and recovery, giving your feet a pampered and cared-for sensation.
Moisture-Dispelling and Warmth-Inducing: The ingredients in Lavender Foot Patch have moisture-dispelling effects, effectively improving foot dampness issues, promoting blood circulation, soothing discomfort caused by coldness, and providing warmth and comfort to the feet.
Enhances Health and Vitality: By stimulating the acupoints on the feet, Lavender Foot Patch helps promote overall blood and Qi circulation throughout the body, enhancing physical well-being and boosting overall energy and vitality.
Multiple Benefits: Lavender Foot Patch not only improves foot problems but also alleviates symptoms such as insomnia, vivid dreams, obesity, constipation, bad breath, loose skin, restlessness, dry skin, and dull complexion. It provides an overall feeling of relaxation and comfort for both body and mind.


Lavender Extract: Lavender has soothing and skin-repairing effects, relieving fatigue and stress while promoting foot skin repair and recovery, resulting in a soft and moisturized effect.
Bamboo Vinegar: Bamboo vinegar has moisture-dispelling and warmth-inducing properties. It improves dampness issues, promotes blood circulation, soothes discomfort caused by coldness, and provides warmth and comfort to the feet.
Golden Tortoise Beetle Powder: Golden Tortoise Beetle Powder has the effect of enhancing health and vitality. By stimulating acupoints on the feet, it promotes overall blood and Qi circulation throughout the body, enhancing physical well-being and vitality.
Platycodon grandiflorus Extract, Polygonum multiflorum Stem Extract, Artemisia Leaf Extract, Tourmaline: These ingredients work together to provide soothing, moisturizing, and repairing effects. They help improve the condition of foot skin, promote foot health, and provide a sense of comfort.


1.Shun Plastic deployment stick paper seam, off the bottom anti sticking paper.
2. Paste the powder bag on the rubber cloth, and then remove. the sticky paper from the top of the cloth.
3. The powder bag attached to the soles of the feet, try to make the powder distributed evenly.
4. After 8 hours in the evening. tear off the powder bag and clean it.


After cleaning feet, tear the film bag and take out the toot patch, stick the smooth back surface to the foot patch, have apparent porosity side towards pelma, wait for a little time to absorb, tear off the foot patch slowly after that, wipe it with paper towel or towel.


Please store in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

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