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MeiYanQiong Herb Anti-Fungal Beriberi Treatment Cream Nourishing Foot Skin Pruritus Treatment

MeiYanQiong Herb Anti-Fungal Beriberi Treatment Cream Nourishing Foot Skin Pruritus Treatment

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Slogan: Nourishing Foot Skin, Pruritus Treatment

Net Wt: 0.53oz/15g


Eliminates Odor: Herbal Foot Cream contains a variety of plant extracts that effectively eliminate foot odor, leaving your feet fresh and pleasantly scented, allowing you to confidently and comfortably go through each day.
Relieves Itching and Cracking: Its special formula can alleviate foot itching and cracking, soothing discomfort and restoring the health of your feet, providing a soothing and comforting sensation.
Deep Nourishment: Herbal Foot Cream is enriched with plant essences that penetrate the epidermis, deeply nourishing the skin of your feet, providing comprehensive nourishing care, and making your feet softer and smoother.
Soft and Moisturized: Regular use of Herbal Foot Cream helps maintain long-lasting moisture for your feet, keeping the skin soft and supple, presenting a healthy and natural radiance.


Coptis Chinensis Root Extract: Derived from the Coptis Chinensis plant, it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, effectively eliminating odor and keeping your feet fresh.
Sophora Flavescens Extract: Extracted from the Sophora Flavescens plant, it has soothing and anti-inflammatory effects, relieving foot itching and cracking, restoring comfort to your feet.
Carthamus Tinctorius Extract: Rich in nourishing components and antioxidants, it nourishes the skin of your feet, promotes cell regeneration, and makes your feet smoother and softer.
Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract: With nourishing and moisturizing effects, it deeply hydrates the skin of your feet, providing sufficient moisture and nutrients, giving your feet a healthy and radiant appearance.
Houttuynia Cordata Extract: Contains various natural plant active ingredients, it can soothe foot discomfort, relieve itching and cracking, ensuring a comfortable sensation for your feet.
Arnebia Root Extract: With repair and anti-inflammatory effects, it helps repair the skin of your feet, alleviates itching and cracking issues, promoting the healing of your feet's skin.


After cleaning, apply the cream on the affected area and massage gently until absorbed, recommend use twice a day.


This product is for external use, pregnant women are prohibited. If any discomfort, please stop using it.


Please store in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

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