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Slogan: Anti-Aging, Fades Fine Lines, Revitalize Skin

Net Wt: 1.06fl oz/30ml


Infused with precious gold ingredients and enriched with ginseng extract, this essence is specially designed to nourish and repair the skin. Its unique formula tightens the skin, diminishes fine lines, replenishes moisture, and improves rough texture and dehydration concerns. It is easily absorbed, leaving your skin soft, smooth, and radiantly glowing with captivating brilliance.


Precious Gold: Our Golden Revitalizing Essence contains high-purity gold, renowned as the "golden ingredient" for the skin, offering antioxidant and anti-aging benefits. It helps tighten the skin, diminish fine lines, and rejuvenate the skin with a youthful vitality.

Ginseng Extract: Ginseng, a precious herb, is rich in various bioactive compounds. Ginseng extract nourishes and repairs the skin, improving rough texture and dehydration concerns, leaving the skin soft and supple.

Panthenol: Panthenol, also known as Vitamin B5, is an excellent moisturizing ingredient. It deeply hydrates the skin, enhances its water retention capacity, and improves dryness and insufficient hydration.

Synthetic Jojoba Oil: Synthetic jojoba oil is a natural plant extract with outstanding moisturizing and nourishing properties. It forms a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss, facilitating better absorption of other nutrients by the skin.

Collagen: Collagen is an essential component of the skin that enhances elasticity and firmness. It helps improve skin sagging and fine lines, promoting a tighter and more resilient skin texture.

White Crane Lingzhi Extract: White crane lingzhi is a valuable medicinal herb with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps reduce oxidative damage to the skin, promotes skin repair and regeneration, resulting in healthier and more radiant skin.

Bearberry Acid: Bearberry acid is a natural fruit acid with gentle exfoliating properties. It promotes skin cell turnover, improves uneven skin tone and roughness, leaving the skin smooth and refined.

Gentle Plant Anti-Irritation Extracts: North American witch hazel and sharpthorn hawthorn extracts are gentle plant anti-irritation extracts with soothing and anti-inflammatory effects. They help alleviate skin sensitivity and discomfort, leaving the skin calm and comfortable.


After cleaning and drying, take an appropriate amount of this product, massage and pat gently until it is absorbed.


If any discomfort, please stop using immediately.


Please store in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

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