When it comes to hair deterioration, the most important thing is to talk about the outermost layer of hair-fur, which is also the hair scales in advertisements.

The first is the outermost fur cuticle, which is the epidermis in Figure 1 below. The fur cuticle is a thick sheath formed by layered cell-like hair scales, which tightly wraps the cortex below like tiles on our roof. In the final analysis, "manic", "dry" and "bifurcation" are all problems with hairy skin.

As the outermost layer of hair, hair skin has three main functions:

Determines the surface characteristics of hair. The more complete the hair skin is, the smoother and shiny the hair is naturally. On the contrary, the more damaged it is, the more "manic" and dull the hair will feel. As you can imagine, the damaged fur skin is like the fur scales in the picture below, which are turned up and damaged in large quantities, just like the roof tiles are lifted.

Because of the hydrophobicity of hair skin, it can prevent the loss of water inside hair. Why the damaged hair will feel "dry" is because the hair skin is destroyed and the water is lost.

Small fur can tightly wrap the inner cortex layer and increase the mechanical strength of hair. Because the cortex is mainly hair fibers, wrapping it with small fur can greatly increase its strength, which is the same as that a chopstick is easy to break and a bundle of chopsticks is constantly folded. So it is easy to understand why hair is easy to "bifurcate" (hair fibers spread out) when hair skin is missing.

[Characteristics of sofa hair quality]

The sofa hair quality that we usually say mainly has the following characteristics: thick, hard and abundant hair, but the hair is lighter and easy to dry, and it always feels fluffy and fluffy, and it is very rash and dull. Hey hey, is that you?

Combined with the knowledge of hair structure we just talked about, it is not difficult to see that the texture of sofa hair is very good!

Hair is thick, hard and has a lot of hair, which are the characteristics of healthy hair, but why do you feel light, dry and manic? The reason lies in the serious damage to the fur. Due to the serious damage of hair skin, the thick and hard hair itself can't lock the moisture inside the hair. After the moisture loss, the hair feels dry, light and fluffy, and refuses to obey.

On the other hand, the damage of hair skin leads to rough hair surface, which will naturally feel manic, dull and dull. Therefore, the coarse and hard hair and the serious damage to the small fur form the sofa hair. In fact, many friends with sofa hair quality have the experience of perming, which is the direct culprit of hair skin damage. In addition, some friends are born with a natural curly trend, which makes their hair damaged and manic look worse.

Dry goods are coming: "How to take care of sofa hair?"


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  1. Add a proper amount of this product (100ml shampoo plus 3ml) to your shampoo and stir the mixture to use the regular shampoo method.
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  3. Used before and after perm to repair hair damage caused by heat.
  4. A few drops of the product can be mixed evenly with the hair mask, it will give you double curing.
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